Artfully Arranging Sofa Pillows

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Artfully Arranging Sofa Pillows

Something I see over and over with clients is that they use the pillows that come with a sofa. Big mistake! Adding fun, textured or colorful pillows brings a sofa to life! So here are the basics on how to do that:


  1. Anchor pillows. These are 20″ or even 22″ inches and match. Place these on both ends.
  2. Decorative .Add 2 more pillows of different fabrics in a slightly smaller size. These should coordinate by style or color.
  3. Finishing touch. Add a lumber close to the middle in yet another fabric.

Most sofas look best with a total of 4-5 pillows. But if your sofa is small or you do not like the look of so many, just do the two anchor pillows and one lumbar.



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