Landscape Tips to Sell

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Landscape Tips to Sell

Potential home buyers form their first impression of a home from its curb appeal. So…

Spruce up outdoor containers

Container plants, especially large tropicals, add interest to front porches, patios and flanking the front door. 

Top off the mulch

Apply a fresh layer in all your garden beds. It enhances the color & contrast of the surrounding plants.

Tend to perennial/annual flower beds

 Trim back any untidy looking perennials and add colorful annuals in garden beds. 

Shape overgrown trees and shrubs

Remove dead branches and prune to desired shape. 

Clean water features.

Get rid of any visible algae, remove leaves and clean filters so that the water is crystal clear. 

Power-wash dirty surfaces.

Power wash paved/stone surfaces. This also applies to fences, brick & siding if needed. 


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